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Moronic Video Shows Autopiloted Tesla with No Driver

Just a few weeks ago, we castigated Mercedes marketers for posting a video ad showing one of their vehicles being driven autonomously with the driver in the back seat working. What really got to us was that the ad featured a baby in the driver’s seat, and facing forward! Our argument was that someone out there would be stupid enough to replicate it. That post is here.

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And now we have proof.

This week, a total moron filmed his Tesla operating in Autopilot on a Dutch highway. And he did the filming from the back with the driver’s seat empty. Hopefully he can be found and arrested.

The idea behind autonomous vehicles is to make roads and driving safer; that computers and sensors will handle emergencies better than humans. We are a long way from that utopia.

We have always needed to protect ourselves from bad drivers, but autonomous operation has produced a totally new class of morons operating vehicles. To be clear, Tesla has done nothing to encourage this type of stunt. But we will use this opportunity to once again to call on marketers to stop encouraging this behavior, as recent ads from Mercedes, Nissan and Infiniti have done.

We originally included a link to the video as proof that we didn’t make this, but its been pulled by the publisher. If you are interested to see it, try searching YouTube.


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