Pedestrian Warning Indicators

These are Pedestrian Warning Indicator symbols. There are two types or styles because the manufacturer has developed a changeable instrument display.

Pedestrian Warning Symbol 2If a standard or typical instrument cluster is chosen, the symbol to the left will be shown if a collision with a person detected is imminent. The symbol looks like a human male with energy beams radiating from his hands! It is meant to look like a man standing in the driving lane.


Pedestrian Warning Symbol 1If a different display type is chosen, and a collision with a person detected is imminent, the symbol to the right will be shown inside the display. It looks like a more generic human with sound waves coming out of him or her. It is meant to indicate radar beams bouncing off the person.

Ideally, since the detection system exists the brakes will be applied automatically. Regardless, please apply the brakes yourself and avoid running them over!


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