Push Button Start — A Little Touch Will Do Ya

So, we recently put together a video about push button or keyless start systems. Why? Well, it may be a bit silly, but its been nagging at us that the results just may be start button failures in the future.


Push ButtonYou see, no matter what the start button in your push button start car looks like, or even if its a lever, a single press is a command to start the car. Yet we have seen automotive professionals at all levels from service writers to technicians and from sales people to automotive journalists repeat the same mistake — holding the button down until the vehicle starts! It is a habit left over from key start cars, where the key needs to held in the start position until the engine starts, and is simply not necessary.


The video demonstrates multiple times in multiple vehicles that it is completely unnecessary. A single touch, and you’re off.

We haven’t found anyone who can say for a fact that holding the button actually causes any harm. Although once underway, many manufacturers make a press and hold of the button an emergency shut down procedure. But, since holding the button down until the engine starts is unnecessary, why do
it? Just press and go. Maybe it will save a little maintenance cost down the road.

So, if you are skeptical, check out the video for yourself here.


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