Replacing Key Fob, Remote Control or Smart Key Batteries

We will post videos here of us replacing batteries in key fobs or remotes.

First up is a discussion about the proper handling of the batteries in key fobs.



Audi, common key fob.

Audi, newer key fob.

Audi flip key.



BMW, common key fob.

BMW, updated version of the above video.

BMW, newer key fob.

And an update of the video above.


FCA, newer (rounded) Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge key fob battery, updated.

FCA, early (tapered) Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge key fob battery replacement.

FCA, for a Fiat.

FCA, newest key fob style.

FCA, for Maserati.


Ford and Lincoln, one of three key fob styles, updated.

Ford and Lincoln, a second key fob style.

Ford/Lincoln, a third fob, introduced in 2016.


General Motors late model fob.

GM, a newer Chevrolet key fob.

An even newer Chevrolet fob, and better battery handling.

GM, a Buick flip key.

GM, Buick key fob, updated.

GM, for a Cadillac.

GM, for GMC models.

This one is for a Chevrolet flip key, still in use with some keyless start cars.


Honda, Acura common key fob.

And a new Honda key fob. Be VERY careful with these!

A new style Acura fob here. Be careful with this one too…


Kia key fob, Pre-2014. Some Hyundai fobs may be similar.

Newer Kia key fob.

This one is for a newer Hyundai key fob. A little different from the one above.


A fob from Land Rover. Newer Jaguars also use this style.


Most common Lexus key fob. Toyota fobs may be similar.

Next gen Lexus or Toyota key fob.

This one covers Toyotas exclusively.


Mercedes-Benz key fob.

New style Mercedes-Benz key fob.


Most common Nissan and Infiniti key fobs, updated.

The latest key fob style, so far used in an Infinity only.


Porsche key fob battery replacement, updated.


Subaru, latest key fob style.


Tesla fob, Model X only.

This one covers the Model S.


Volkswagen flip key-style key fob.


Volvo key fob, older models.

Volvo, new generation key fob.

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