Porsche Dead Key Fob Help: Part I, Getting In

Getting into Your Porsche

Retrieving the Mechanical Key

A Porsche key fob is shaped cleverly like a Porsche Porsche keyautomobile. Unless your key ring is flexible, take the fob off the ring to make room to remove the mechanical key. Turning over the fob, look for a small slide lever near the key ring side. Slide it to the side with a fingernail and pry the lever towards the top at the same time. Work the key out of the fob.

Now, check if a key hole is immediately visible or not…


Porsche slotIf your Porsche has a visible key hole, simple insert the mechanical key and turn. If a key hole is not visible, look for a separation in the driver’s door handle towards the back. It marks a cover hiding the keyhole. Then look beneath the cover for a slot. Slide the mechanical key in as far up as it will go and pull the cover away from the car exposing the key hole.

Porsche liftIf a separation in the handle is not found, simply lift the handle. The key hole will be seen beneath the back of the handle. The Macan will have a plastic insert in the key hole that will need to be removed. Once the key hole is visible, insert the mechanical key and turn it counterclockwise (left). It will be awkward to get to. Then remove the key, release the handle fully and then pull it again to open. And you’re in.


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