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Porsche Dead Key Fob Help

Getting into your Porsche

Retrieving the mechanical key

The only Porsche key we have seen thus far is shaped cleverly like a Porsche Porsche keyautomobile. Unless your key ring is flexible, take the fob off the ring to make room to remove the mechanical key. Turning over the fob, look for a small slide lever near the key ring side. Slide it to the side with a fingernail and pry the lever towards the top at the same time. Work the key out of the fob.

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Getting Inside

Porsche slotIf your Porsche has a visible key hole, simple insert the mechanical key and turn. If a key hole is not visible, look for a separation in the driver’s door handle towards the back. It marks a cover hiding the keyhole. Then look beneath the cover for a slot. Slide the mechanical key in as far up as it will go and pull the cover away from the car exposing the key hole.

Porsche liftIf a separation in the handle is not found, simply lift the handle exposing the key hole. The Macan may have a plastic insert in the key hole that will need to be removed. Once the key hole is visible, insert the mechanical key and turn, and you’re in.

Click here for a video of the process.



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