Tesla Eliminates Vexing Heat Stroke Risk from its Cars

Innovation continues to at a breakneck pace in the automotive world, and nowhere is innovation more front and center than at Tesla.

Tesla Model SIn case over the air updates weren’t innovative enough, the latest solves a problem that has stumped the best minds at every auto manufacturer: a car is shut down and left in the sun to overheat, and any occupant unable to exit, human or animal, perishes of heat stroke.


Update version 8.0 allows a Tesla to maintain a temperature of 40C or 105F by automatically venting the cabin and turning on AC when necessary. And most important, this process works even if the vehicle is turned off.

An updated Tesla can do this for up to a year on a full charge. Currently it stops at a 20% state of charge, a figure that may be adjustable somewhat in a later update.

On the flip side, the car can be made to stay warm on cold days. Cold has rarely been as serious an issue as heat stroke has been during the summer months however.

Elon Musk tweeted that it is his favorite new “feature”. To him, saving lives is just a feature. Ho hum.


This is the Musk way. The Tesla way.


Leaving everyone else just spinning their gas-powered wheels, yet again.



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