Precision All-Wheel Steer System Indicator

P-AWS IndicatorThis is a Precision-All-Wheel Steer (P-AWS) System Indicator symbol. The light, which depicts 4 wheels turned to one side, will appear for a few seconds when starting your vehicle. To the driver, it may look like random lines in a stick figure.

Seeing this symbol at any other time indicates a problem with the P-AWS system. The fault may limit the vehicle’s speed to 50 mph or less and you will need your dealer or authorized service center to attend to it.


The P-AWS system monitors a vehicle’s response to road conditions while in motion and makes small adjustment to the relative rear wheel toe settings to help enhance vehicle control and stability.

The manufacturer notes that the toe setting of the rear wheels may get stuck in a non-centered setting if the system malfunctions while driving. At this time, the system may automatically limit the speed to 50 mph or less. Handling may be difficult as well. The vehicle will be safe to drive at the reduced speed, but don’t wait to have the problem addressed.



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