Predictive Efficiency Assist Indicator

Predictive Efficiency AssistThis symbol, which will appear in green, is a Predictive Efficiency Assist Indicator symbol. The assistance system adds an automobile’s version of anticipation of the road ahead. The symbol uses the image of a shoe or foot with an arrow below pointing upwards. It is again seen in green and indicates the system is active and in use.

Its purpose is to be a fuel saving system, using data from the navigation system, traffic signs, and even topography. The symbol is meant specifically to indicate that the driver should decelerate (remove his/her foot from the accelerator) because a lower speed is needed up ahead. The system is not active if Adaptive Cruise Control is engaged.


Shift Lock IndicatorIts important to distinguish this symbol from Shift Lock Indicator symbols that appear in yellow/amber. These will also feature a foot or shoe, but have no connection to any advanced fuel saving feature.



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