Traffic Jam or Congestion Assist Indicator

Congestion AssistThis is a Traffic Jam or Congestion Assist Indicator Symbol. It may appear in gray scale, green, yellow/amber, or red. In gray scale, it indicates that the congestion has been detected and the system is available to help. Green indicates the system is active and moves through yellow/amber as congestion is detected.

In addition, multiple indicators may be present on separate instrument panel locations. One will only indicate that the system is active while the others will indicate congestion conditions by color.



The system will be part of, and secondary to, active driver assists systems, such as adaptive cruise control. The active assist system will need to be switched on to make the traffic jam assist system available. The traffic jam indicator will turn to red if the driver does not take control as congestion approaches, turning off the assist systems.

As with other assist systems such as simple cruise control, it is recommended that the system be deactivated in bad weather, poor road condition, construction zones and any situation requiring increased attention.


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