AdBlue Indicator Symbols

AdBlue fill indicatorThese are AdBlue Indicator symbols, which references a fluid that is necessary to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. SCR is an emissions control technology used by some diesel engine manufacturers. The indicators may appear in yellow/amber or red, depending on the severity of need.

So, what to do?


Both indicators include the text AdBlue, which is a fluid used in the system. The first indicator includes the image of a downturned bottle of fluid. When seen in yellow/amber, it indicates that fluid is low. If it appears in Red, the system must have fluid added, or engine emissions will be excessive.

AdBlue Maintenance IndicatorThe second adds a wrench or spanner to the AdBlue text. In yellow/amber, it indicates an issue with the system. In red, the system needs immediate attention or damage may be done to the engine and/or its emissions control systems. Only a qualified service shop or dealer will be capable of repairing the system.



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