GM Vehicles Now Have 17 Differing Back-up Start Pockets

While putting together a review of 2018 push button start models, we discovered that the new GMC Terrain and Acadia had been added, and that this was introduced in the Acadia in 2017.

In addition, these two models have hidden key holes, like those used by Chevrolet. But what struck us was that the cars did not use the same back up start process, and that the spots are only similar to other General Motors made cars and SUVs.


The result is we now have 17 distinct images of back up start key fob pockets. We keep asking for standardization, but instead…

Acadia back-up startIn truth, there are many similarities. For instance, most back up pockets are in the center console of GM vehicles. However, the Acadia’s pocket is at the top of the back of the console, only the 4th model using this area. The majority of the other models feature the slot somewhere in the front of the center console. The steering column and glove box are also used.

The Terrain uses a cup holder. Terrain back up spotBut because they are side by side, it is the first to use a left side cup holder. The Chevrolet Camaro uses the back one while the Buick Encore and Envision use the front. The Verano, Regal and Lacrosse also use the front, but the cup holder itself needs to be removed! And so on.


The point is, there is no standardization and the company does not seem to be headed anywhere near selecting a single back up location.

Why not? Seriously, why not??? Following the key cylinder debacle GM announced it would move all their vehicles to push button or keyless start, eventually, and we suggested then that they use the opportunity to standardize the process. They didn’t, not that they were listening.

Barring a miracle, keep our app with you. We’ll stay with it and keep updating. OnStar doesn’t work everywhere, and not everyone gets to use it.


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