GMC Dead Key Fob Help: Part I, Getting In

Getting into Your GMC

Retrieving the Mechanical Key

GM Style 3Keyless or push button start GMC models use the third of three GM key styles. A mechanical key is held inside the fob and is needed to get into the vehicle.

To remove the mechanical key, press the button on the side of the transmitter near the key ring, as shown, and pull the key away.


Getting Inside

Many GM models hide the key holes under a cap at the back of the driver’s door, and this includes the GMC GM Lock Cover RemoveAcadia and Terrain. To remove the cap, pull the door handle out to the open position. Insert the key into the slot on the bottom of the cap (3, right).

Push it as far upwards as possible and hold upward pressure. Then pry outward. And yes, you WILL feel like you are prying off a piece of your car! Move the cap rearward revealing the key cylinder. Now the mechanical key can be used in the cylinder. Look for a video here to help.

To replace the cap, insert the two tabs at the back of the cap between the black seal and the metal base. Pull the door handle out to the door open position and move the cap forward and press to snap it into place. You can then release the door handle.

Remember, getting IN the car is most important. If you have difficulty replacing the cap, don’t. Let your dealer do it when you get a new battery for your Key FOB!



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