Lincoln Video Help with Dead Key Fob Batteries

Now ten videos offering help to Lincoln drivers who’s key fobs or remote controls have gone dead.

There is some crossover to some Ford models, but they have their own page here!

Here is an update for MKX drivers.

Here’s a 2017 Lincoln MKZ — watch for the quirks!


This video stars the updated (2017) Lincoln Continental.

This video is for Ford Mustang, Fusion and Edge, including the hidden key hole, but also covers 2014 and newer Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid.


This video will help with Lincoln Navigator as well as the Ford Taurus, Flex and Expedition.

Video help for the Lincoln MKT and 2013 MKZ Hybrid as well as the Ford Explorer, Edge and Fusion.

A video exclusive to the Lincoln MKC.

A video of us replacing the batteries in an early style Ford or Lincoln dead key fob or remote control, updated.

And another video of us replacing the battery in a different Ford/Lincoln key fob or remote control.

This one has us replacing the battery in the newest Ford and Lincoln key fob.

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