Porsche Dead Key Fob Help: Part II, Getting Started

Starting Your Porsche

The Porsche Entry & Drive System may or may not feature a dummy key that needs to be turned to start the vehicle. If your vehicle does not have this key, the car’s key fob, even if its internal battery is dead and won’t let you in, will start the car. It will be recognized once placed into the ignition switch.

Porsche dummy keyIf there is a dummy key, it will need to be removed in order to use the key fob in the ignition. The owner’s manual holds a somewhat complicated set of removal instructions that will leave you exposed and vulnerable for far too long. Ignore the instructions and do the following.


Porsche fob insertedMake two attempts to start the car normally. The car’s instrument panel will then note that the dummy key can now be pulled away. Once this is done, the vehicle’s key fob can be inserted into the ignition switch and the car started normally. The fob will be recognized even if the fob’s internal battery is dead.


Click here for videos of both the open and start processes.

Porsche Hybrid

The Panamera Hybrid continues the use of a dummy key in the ignition. However, if the fob’s battery is dead, a new process is needed, which includes the use of a back up location for the fob.

Porsche back up slotLay the key fob, buttons up, in the compartment in the front of the center console to the left of the cup holders. Turn the ignition dummy key to the start position (position 2) and back to off. Turn the dummy key back to the start position a second time and the vehicle will start. The instrument panel will also acknowledge that the key fob has been recognized.

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