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Sponsors, which has been online since 2010, and has served over 13.3 million pages and videos to nearly 8.3 million visitors. And each one is looking for help with an automotive problem. The site now delivers nearly 425,000 pages and videos per month.


We began creating videos in 2015, principally to help drivers with dead key fobs. Along with some additional technology videos, they are now viewed nearly 200,000 times a month, and we continue to build the library. Now over 160 videos are available.

And ask about sponsoring one of our Mobile Apps. Nearly 154,000 downloads to date, each of which holds the potential for a direct connection to your business. What could you do with some 3,000 new automotive leads in the apps while being seen 425,000 times on the site — this month?


Contact us for details about reaching this tightly targeted audience.

Also, we can produce helpful videos for your customers on many auto tech topics. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

By phone: 203-302-0651
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