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Video Help

Dead Key FOBWe have an extensive and growing video library, most dedicated to helping you get in and get going if your key fob or remote control battery dies. The first three are general overviews, followed by videos “keyed” to specific manufacturers and models, where applicable.

To date, 235 videos and now nearly 4.3 million views.


Note: If you don’t find a video covering your make or model, click here to get to text instructions, with images.

General Help

These first videos show us getting into and starting a push button start car with a key fob that has gone dead. The car we used happens to have a hidden key hole.

We’ve also added another to help you get past the “Step on the Brake” message you may end up seeing.

We used a friend’s Lexus to create the first few videos. Look below for links to additional videos specific to manufacturers and models.

** Click here for videos replacing batteries in key fobs from various manufacturers. Acura, Audi (3), BMW (2), Fiat Chrysler (4), Ford (3), GM (5), Honda, Hyundai/Kia (2), Land Rover, Lexus (2), Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz (2), Nissan/Infiniti (2), Porsche, Tesla (2), Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo (2) fobs, to date.

Getting In

Ah, nothing like a hidden key hole to mess with a motorist’s head! And, yes, you will have to pry off a piece of your priceless automobile, but it is necessary and you won’t hurt it! Don’t lose the cap that covers the keyhole after you remove it.

The car we used here is a Lexus and the process will be similar in cars with hidden key holes made by Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Lexus, VW and Volvo. Note that we have since produced videos specific to many of those makes and models.

Starting the Car

To its credit, Lexus, and Toyota by extension, makes starting a car with a dead key fob very simple. One procedure for all of their models except for 2004 through 2009 Prius’. It will also work with late model vehicles from Jeep, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Mazda (without an ignition switch cover on the column), Nissan and Subaru.

We added some generic instructions for other manufacturer’s vehicles. There are simply too many possibilities to show them all. Download our app (below) and keep the instructions with you.

The Brake Pedal Conundrum

Engine Start Operation IndicatorIf your push button start car doesn’t start the first time, you might see a warning to step on the brake, even if you are stepping on the brake! Here we discuss what has happened and how to get past it.

* Note: We have seen this in vehicles from Acura, Land Rover, Lexus, Mini and Toyota. We ‘confused’ a Nissan into the problem, but not an Infiniti. We have not been able to replicate this in Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Maserati, Mercedes or VW models. We will continue to test additional vehicles as they come available.

Using Key Fob Back-up Slots.

Mostly for vehicles made by Ford Motor Co. and/or General Motors.

Dead Key Fob Help for Specific Models and from Specific Manufacturers

We are assembling a library of videos with examples of back-up procedures from individual manufacturers and, where we can, specific models. We are particularly focused on models with hidden key holes.

Follow the links to individual posts, as noted.

BMW / Mini

We have a seven videos available, demonstrating the manufacturer’s two back-up options, plus hidden key holes in BMWs, another in a Mini and fob battery replacement.



We have five videos for Buick owners, including being able to get past hidden key holes and replacing batteries in key fobs.


There are eight videos for Cadillac owners to help you get in and get started. We get you past hidden key holes, including instances where the owner’s manual is wrong! And we show how to replace the dead battery in the key fob.


We have 13 videos for Chevrolet owners, with help to get in and get started. There are too many variations for getting started and even getting in depending on model. And we can help replace the battery in a number of key fobs.

Fiat / Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep

We have nine videos demonstrating the manufacturer’s two basic back-up entry and start options in various models and fob battery replacements in three fob styles.


Ford has a number of differing methods for getting in and starting their cars, 12 actually (at least). So far, we have 14 videos available, covering back up entry and start procedures in the most common Ford models and key fob battery replacement. We can get you past any hidden keyhole. There is some crossover with Lincoln, but they are handled separately below.


We have five videos for GMC owners to help you get in and get started. We also show how to replace the battery in the key fob.

Honda / Acura

Now six videos covering the newest and simplest back up entry and start procedure and the replacement of the battery in older- and newer-style key fobs.

Hyundai / Kia / Genesis

There are several back up start methods and we have ten videos covering back up entry and start procedures in the most Hyundai, Kia and Genesis models and fob battery replacement. We can get you past the hidden keyholes.

Jaguar / Land Rover

Thus far we have a two videos with help for 2015 and later Land Rovers. The back up entry procedure might offer some help getting into late model Jaguars, while the fob battery replacement covers models from both manufacturers.


While there is a good deal of crossover with Ford vehicles (above), we have ten videos for Lincoln owners with help getting past hidden key holes, getting the vehicles started and replacing key fob batteries.


Three videos total. We’ve had access to a pair of Maserati models, a Ghibli and a Levante, and we now believe that the method shown in both videos should work for any push button or keyless start Maserati! And we’ve replaced the battery in a fob as well.


We have six videos available to help with Mazda entry and start procedures, including one featuring the standardized starting method begun with 2014 models. Plus a fob battery replacement video.


We now have six videos for Mercedes-Benz owners. They introduced a new key fob style in 2017 and a new back up start process. The company has also hidden the key hole in some models starting in 2015. We’ve covered the entry and start procedures and fob battery replacements.

Nissan / Infiniti

Nissan kept it simple for years with two back up start processes, covered in one video. A second video will help you replace the battery in the key fob.

But then in 2017, the Infiniti QX30 debuted with a new key fob mimicking the fob used by Mercedes-Benz. We expect that Nissan will move all its vehicles to this fob. We have a video dedicated to it as well, and one replacing the fob’s battery.


We have three videos, one getting into and starting Entry & Drive models with visible key holes or key holes hiding behind split door handles (the Cayenne), another for models that reveal the key hole when the door handle is lifted, and another replacing the battery in a key fob.


Thus far we have two videos for Subaru owners. All of their models use the same process to get in and started if the key fob’s battery dies, but there are three key fob styles. We replace the battery in the newest style in video two.


We have a single video to help owners of keyless start Suzuki models with dead key fob batteries.


Thus far, we have five videos opening and starting the Model S, Model X and Model 3 – the opening processes are different – and replacing the battery in their key fobs. The Model 3 doesn’t actually use one!

Toyota / Lexus / Scion

Toyota Motors uses the same method across the board — unless you have a very early Prius, which we explain as well. Seven total videos, including a newer Prius, the Lexus hidden key hole and key fob battery replacements.


We now have four videos covering both the older and newer generation Volvos. Two for starting and two for preplacing the batteries in the key fobs. Key holes are hidden, but getting the mechanical key is trickier in the new generation models than finding the key hole.

VW / Audi

We now have nine videos demonstrating the manufacturers’ three back-up entry and start options. We have an Audi hidden key hole on a Q7 and demonstrated Volkswagen’s version as well. We’ve replaced the battery in the key fob in several different fob styles.

Replacing the Remote or Fob or Smart Key Battery

This page holds videos of us replacing batteries in key fobs from various manufacturers. So far we have videos for Audi (3), BMW (2), Chrysler/Jeep (2), Fiat, Ford (3), GM (3), Hyundai/Kia (2), Land Rover, Lexus (2), Nissan/Infiniti (2), Porsche, Tesla (Model X), Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo fobs.


* Keep the instructions with you in our Dead Key FOB App. Search “Dead Key FOB” at your device’s store or click here!


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