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About Us


At DashboardSymbols.com, we have experience in the automotive industry going back a good 40 years. Its founder has over 25 years experience in parts, service and sales, as well as business experience in market research and web development.

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What is happening today has led to this site with the hope of providing avenues to get real help to drivers who are simply that, drivers. Not car people, but drivers. The people who make up the industry are increasingly out of touch with the everyday folks with jobs to get to and kids to raise who must drive their cars, not dissect them.

A new language has developed alongside the new technologies appearing in vehicles that is reflected in the messages, reminder and warning lights inundating drivers today. We’ll help you understand and translate the new language. We will make your car more accessible to you and provide help with other common problems you may encounter. That help will be found here in these pages and in our Mobile Apps.

And that Smart Key FOB that lets you into your car and start it with just a touch? Its using its own internal battery at an alarming rate, and could easily catch you unawares. When it happens, and it will, your car will have been trying to warn you – with yet another symbol!

This website was born of a desire to address the most often repeated questions asked of service departments today. Those questions start with the myriad of new indicator lights and why they are on. They then move through to advanced systems in today’s vehicles that, when being troublesome, can leave an unprepared driver stranded. Most commonly a Key FOB – your car’s remote control – gone dead in push button start vehicles.

We have spoken to motorists who are frustrated, angry and afraid, and in some cases have come to hate their vehicles. We want to change the game, and this is our humble start. We want to treat drivers in a way that respects their time and intelligence: giving them tools and information and not more “education.”

Are you a car buff? A techie? This site isn’t for you. Its for everyone else. And we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more.


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