A Warning Light When ESC Is Active? Who Needs it!

Warning lights and telltales generally share one thing in common: they activate when there is a problem with a vehicle function with one exception. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Slip indicator. It is seen when the system is activated and doing its job as well as when there is a problem. That is, just …

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Killer Cars to Killer Loans, the Top of 2016

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The year 2016 was a roller coaster for the auto industry. Sales rode the edge of growth, finally to set a new record, and tariffs threaten manufacturing across the border. While most of the industry remains fixated on numbers and costs, other news occupied our time. Here are our personal top three stories of 2106. Advertisement …

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Honda / Acura Video Help with Dead Key Fobs

A first videos for Honda and Acura owners. All Hondas and late model Acuras are represented. Kudos to Honda Motors for a very simple, straightforward process. And one here replacing the battery in a common key fob. ———————————————————————

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Jaguar / Land Rover Video Help with Dead Key Fobs

Video help for Land Rover owners. The second applies to some Jaguars as well. This one is for 2015 and later vehicles. Land Rover has chosen to hide the key holes. Here we replace the battery in a Land Rover key fob. Late model Jaguars use a similar fob. —————————————————————-

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View from the Street: Do Salespeople Understand the Tech They Sell?

An article appeared recently in Automotive News that essentially asked if salespeople know the technology in the cars they are selling. As someone who was recently employed at an auto dealer, I can say that the short answer is all too often no. We’ll go with the long answer here. In the article, a vehicle …

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