Ah, So Close: A Talking Car ‘Companion’


At DashboardSymbols.com, we have consistently argued that the wholesale advancements taking place in the automotive world call for a complete overhaul of the way cars communicate with their drivers. Bells, whistles and flashing lights are dinosaurs due for the scrap heap. In particular, we’ve advocated for a natural language two way conversation between the driver …

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Precision All-Wheel Steer System Indicator

P-AWS Indicator

This is a Precision-All-Wheel Steer (P-AWS) System Indicator symbol. The light, which depicts 4 wheels turned to one side, will appear for a few seconds when starting your vehicle. To the driver, it may look like random lines in a stick figure. Seeing this symbol at any other time indicates a problem with the P-AWS …

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Tesla Eliminates Vexing Heat Stroke Risk from its Cars

Innovation continues to at a breakneck pace in the automotive world, and nowhere is innovation more front and center than at Tesla. In case over the air updates weren’t innovative enough, the latest solves a problem that has stumped the best minds at every auto manufacturer: a car is shut down and left in the …

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Porsche Dead Key Fob Help

Porsche lift

Getting into your Porsche Retrieving the mechanical key The only Porsche key we have seen thus far is shaped cleverly like a Porsche automobile. Unless your key ring is flexible, take the fob off the ring to make room to remove the mechanical key. Turning over the fob, look for a small slide lever near …

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Porsche Video Help with Dead Key Fobs

This is a video demonstrating getting into a late model Porsche with a hidden key hole. The model was not a push button start. Here we replace the battery in a Porsche key fob.

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