Electric Cars, Autonomous Cars – They’re Just Cars!

BMW i3

I have been pondering some items related to electric cars and autonomous cars, and in particular how messy even the automotive press treats these subjects. Which is point one. While the development of autonomous cars is expanding seemingly in tandem with electric cars, they are in fact separate and distinct. More on that later. The …

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Fuel Changes Set Off Warning Light Hell!

A 1,500 mile road trip to see the Great American Eclipse was just completed, and it was well worth every mile. While my attempt to record the event fell far short, the trip remains a big one crossed off my personal bucket list. The car, an Audi A4 2.0, enjoyed the trip too, but evidently …

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SOS Feature Malfunction Indicator

SOS Indicator

This is the SOS Feature Malfunction Indicator symbol. The symbol, in amber or yellow, is accompanied by a text message in the instrument panel that states that the service is either limited or unavailable. The message will show one or the other. When restricted, an emergency call may be limited to a data transmission. The …

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GM Vehicles Now Have 17 Differing Back-up Start Pockets

While putting together a review of 2018 push button start models, we discovered that the new GMC Terrain and Acadia had been added, and that this was introduced in the Acadia in 2017. In addition, these two models have hidden key holes, like those used by Chevrolet. But what struck us was that the cars …

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Too Many Warning Lights Can Only Indicate Driver Overload

We had the opportunity recently to browse through the owner’s manual of a high-end European model SUV. As is our duty, we scanned the segment listing the various warning lights and indicators that may reside on the car’s instrument panel. We were frankly floored. For many years an Asian model SUV held the record (as …

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