Tesla Video Help with Dead Key Fobs or cell Phones

Five videos for Tesla owners. Here is the process for getting into and getting going with a Model S. Advertisement This one features a Model X. We get into and start it.  Here is the Model 3, with some help from the Model 3 Owners Club. In this video, we replace the key fob’s battery. …

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Tesla Dead Key Fob or Mobile Phone Help: Part II, Getting Started

Model 3 start

Starting Your Tesla Model S or Model X The start process is the same in each Model. However, this will take patience, so please stay with it. In general, the key fob needs to be placed in proximity of the front of the center console in order to be recognized by the car. Note that …

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Tesla Dead Key Fob or Cell Phone Help: Part I, Getting In

Model X open

Getting into Your Tesla Model S There are two back up entry versions for the Model S depending on when it was built. It is unclear where the exact separation is, so try them both. Note that Tesla uses an all electronic system, and so there is no hard key and corresponding key cylinder available …

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Rear Cross Traffic Alert Indicator

Rear Cross Traffic Alert Indicator

This is a Rear Cross Traffic Alert Indicator (RCTA) symbol. It appears as its acronym on the instrument panel in green when the system is available. Any trouble indications in the vehicles examined are displayed with text and images in the Information Display. RCTA uses radar sensors to detect vehicles behind your vehicle as they  approach …

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U.S. Cars Sold Overseas Leave Drivers in the Dark

Malibu console

Over the last several months we have been contacted by two drivers of U.S. cars sold and likely built overseas who could not find a back-up spot to drop the key fob in the event of the fob’s battery dying. Well, a good deal of sleuthing and a hunch resolved one of these cases. First, …

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