Warning Light Image Fails


We are going to have a little here, pretty much at my expense. We have long railed about the images chosen for warning lights. They are intended to be easily interpreted by the average driver, but nearly across the board are a total fail. Follow along to see why! For instance, the check engine light …

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Dangers Inherent to Keyless or Push-button Start Cars

The New York Times recently published an article about a problem inherent with keyless start cars. Specifically the phenomenon of drivers pulling into their garages and, lacking the need to remove a key from the ignition switch, walking away with the vehicle still running. The home fills with odorless carbon monoxide, injuring or killing the …

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More Electronics Makes for More Useless Symbols

We want to dive a little deeper into what is one of our main concerns here at DashboardSymbols.com, and that is the continued proliferation of symbols across the industry. And specifically with those associated with electronic systems. We now host nearly 350 image and text symbols on the website, and estimate, rather conservatively, that 25% …

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Sometimes a Car is Just Plain Overengineered

We had the pleasure of working with an updated Volvo recently, and of course we filmed the back up entry and start process. When finished, the car’s owner asked about permanently shutting down the Start/Stop system, and without comment on the merits of the request, accomplishing the feat turned out to be simply impossible. As …

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NHTSA Under the Recall Gun

Acura recall

We’ve been thinking a bit about NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of late (July 2018). We follow them on twitter and for the last several months they’ve been blowing up the twitter account in an effort that smells of desperation. We’ve seen the same alerts concerning air bag recalls repeated over and …

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