Tire Pressure Monitoring System Indicators

Tire Pressure Monitor Symbol

This is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) or Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) warning light symbol. It is also used as Flat Tire Monitor (FTM), which seems redundant. The tell-tale comes on when the inflation on one of the tires is down 25% or more. In most cases, that will be about eight pounds. And it …

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Antilock Braking System Trouble Lights

ABS Trouble Indicator Canada

ABS stands for Antilock Braking System. The second symbol is the Canadian version, and below are older versions. The ABS system helps to keep the car from skidding out of control during braking in slippery or extreme braking conditions by limiting your wheels from locking up. If any of these lights come on during normal driving, the system …

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Check Engine Light Symbols

Check Engine Light Symbol

These are Check Engine light symbols, some of the oldest and easily the most common and recognizable of the symbols that you may see. The word “Check” may appear inside the image of the sideways engine, or below, or not at all. The possible reasons for it coming on number in the hundreds and only your …

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Charging System Trouble Lights

Charging System Trouble Indicator Symbol

 One of the original idiot lights, the symbol to the left indicates a serious Charging System problem. The vehicle should be brought to a complete stop as quickly as possible or the vehicle may simply stop running. Roadside assistance will be necessary. In most cases, there are two possible scenarios: a bad battery, which will not allow …

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Brake Trouble Lights

Brake Trouble Indicator

This symbol, and the Canadian version below, could indicate a serious Brake problem, but the light will also be on when the hand, or emergency brake, is engaged. So, if you are sure the hand brake, or emergency brake, is released, bring your vehicle to a stop as soon as possible and contact your dealer. To continue driving could well …

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