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As this site was developed, we created four resource pages for drivers. They aren’t necessarily related any other way, so we’ve consolidated them here.

These page are:



Roadside Assistance contact numbers
– Links to Owner’s Manuals by manufacturer
Automotive Acronyms
Technology we think you should have in your car.

The first is pretty self explanatory. We put together a complete list of Roadside Assistance phone numbers from manufacturers, insurers, clubs, etc.

The second will lead you to electronic copies of Owners Manuals. The vast majority are free, and only a few manufacturers require registration.

Our Acronyms page spells out the meaning of an acronym as it applies to your car and links to a post if it is associated with a Text warning light.

And finally, a set of posts discussing New Technology we think everyone should look for in your next purchase or upgrade.



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Roadside Numbers

If you are caught with a broken down car on the road, you will need someone to call. New car manufacturers offer roadside assistance programs within the life of the vehicle’s warranty and private insurance is also available. Advertisement American Manufacturers Chrysler Corp.: 800-521-2779 Ford Motor Corp. — Ford: 800-241-3673 — Lincoln/Mercury: 800-521-4140 — Canada: 800-565-3673 …

Owners Manuals

Have you lost your owners manual or simply wish to have an electronic version? The links below will take you to locations where you may find them free, where possible, for download in pdf format. “Registration required” means you will need to register to get access. Some will require a fee, which is also marked. All …


Sometimes, a symbol or indicator is in the form of a three or four letter Acronym or Abreviation. Auto manufacturers assume that any given driver knows exactly what these acronyms stand for. This is almost never true. So, here they are… Advertisement 2WD: 2 Wheel Drive 4LO: Low Speed 4WD 4WAS: 4 Wheel Active Steer …

Bluetooth Logo

Choice Technology

Technology We Love We spend so much time focused on problems with advanced technology and its implementation that we have likely creating the impression that we are anti-technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we do spend a good deal of our time railing about new technological features and what drivers are forced …