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Sometimes, a symbol or indicator is in the form of a three or four letter Acronym or Abreviation. Auto manufacturers assume that any given driver knows exactly what these acronyms stand for.

This is almost never true. So, here they are…


2WD: 2 Wheel Drive
4LO: Low Speed 4WD
4WAS: 4 Wheel Active Steer
4WD: 4 Wheel Drive

ABS: Anti-lock Braking System
ABL: Active Bending Lights
ABLS: Active Brake Limited Slip
A/C: Air Conditioning
ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control
ACC: ACCessory or Active Cornering Control
ACE: Active Cornering Enhancement
ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
AEB: Autonomous/Automatic Emergency Braking
AFL: Adaptive Forward Lighting
AFSL: Adaptive Front Lighting System
AFS: Adaptive Front-lighting System
AHB: Active High Beams
AHC: Active Height Control
AHDA: Automated Highway Driving Assist
AKI: Anti Knock Index
ALR: Automatic Locking Retractor
ASC: Automatic Stability Control
ASCC: Advanced Smart Cruise Control
ASL: Automatic Shift Lock
ASL: Automatic Speed Limiter
ASR: Anti-Slip Regulation
ASTC: Active Skid and Traction Control
A/T or AT: Automatic Transmission
Auto H: Automatic brake Hold
AV: Autonomous Vehicle
AVS: Adaptive Variable Suspension
AVSM: Advanced Vehicle Safety Management
AWD: All Wheel Drive
AWS: Accelerated Warm-up System
AYC: Active Yaw Control

BA: Brake Assist
BCI: Backup Collision Intervention
BLIS: BLind spot Information System
BAS: Brake Assist System
BSA: Blind Spot Alert
BSD: Blind Spot Detection
BSM: Blind Spot Monitor

CAV: Connected and Automated Vehicle
: Collision Mitigation Brake System
CRS: Child Restraint System
CVT: Continuously Variable Transmission

DAC: Downhill Assist Control/Driver Alert Control
DBC: Dynamic Brake Control
D-CVVT: Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing
DEF: Diesel Exhaust Fluid
DFCM: Diesel Fuel Conditioner Module
DFD: Dual Flow Damper
DIC: Driver Information Center
DLC: Data Link Connector
DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter
DRCC: Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
DRL: Daytime Running Lights
DRS: Dynamic Rear Steering
DSC: Dynamic Stability Control
DSF: Dynamic Skip Fire
DSP: Dynamic Shift Program
DSRC: Dedicated Short-Range Communications
DSSM: Driver Selectable Steering Mode
DSTC: Dynamic Stability and Traction Control
DTC: Dynamic Traction Control
DTE: Distance To Empty

EACC: Electronic Air Conditioner Compressor
EBD: Electronic Brake force Distribution
ECB: Electronically Controlled Braking
ECM: Electronic Control Module
ECO: ECOnomy operation
ECS: Electronically Controlled Suspension
ECT: Electronically Controlled Transmission
ECU: Electronic Control Unit
EDL: Electronic Differential Lock
EDR: Event Data Recorder
ELD: Electronic Locking Differential
EML: Elektronische Motorleistungsregelung
EPB: Electric Park Brake
EPC: Electronic Power Control
EPS: Electronically controlled/Electronic/Electric Power Steering
ESC: Electronic Stability/Stabilization Control
ESP: Electronic Stability Program
ETC: Electronic Throttle Control
ETCS: Electronic Throttle Control System
EV: Electric Vehicle
EVIC: Electronic Vehicle Information Center

FAST: Free-hand Advanced Security Transmitter
FCW: Forward Collision Warning
FCWS: Forward Collision Warning System
FEB: Forward Emergency Braking
FTM: Flat Tire Monitor
FWD: Front Wheel Drive


GAW: Gross Axle Weight
GAWR: Gross Axle Weight Rating
GDI: Gasoline Direct Injection
GPCM: Glow Plug Control Module
GPS: Global Positioning System
GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

HAC: Hill-start Assist Control
HAS: Highway ASsist
HDC: Hill Descent Control
HID: High Intensity Discharge
HMI: Human Machine Interface
HSA: Hill Start Assist
HUD: Heads Up Display

IBA: Intelligent Brake Assist
ICS: Intelligent Clearance Sonar
i-Eloop: Intelligent Energy Loop
IMA: Integrated Motor Assist
ISG: Idle Stop & Go
ISO: International Standards Organization
IVD: Interactive Vehicle Dynamics

KDSS: Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System
KESSY: Keyless Entry Start and Exit System

LATCH: Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren
LDA: Lane Departure Alert
LDM: Lane Departure Mitigation
LDP: Lane Departure Prevention
LDW: Lane Departure Warning
LDWS: Lane Departure Warning System
LKA: Lane Keeping Assist/Aid
LKAS: Lane Keeping Assistant System
LSD: Limited Slip Differential
LSF: Low Speed Follow

MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure
MIL: Malfunction Indicator Light
MPFI: MultiPoint Fuel Injection
MPV: MultiPurpose Vehicle
MSP: Maserati Stability Program
MSR: Drag Torque Control (German)

NVH: Noise, Vibration, Harshness

OBD: On Board Diagnostics
O/D: OverDrive
OTA: Over The Air

PASM: Porsche Active Suspension Management
: Precision All-Wheel Steer
PCS: Pre-Collision/Crash Safety System
PCS: Precision Control System
PD: Pedestrian Detection
PDC: Park Distance Control
PDLS: Porsche Dynamic Light System
PSB: Pre-safe Seat Belt
PSM: Porsche Stability Management
PZEV: Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle

RAS: Rear Active Steer
RBS: Recuperative Brake System
RCTA: Rear Cross Traffic Alert
RON: Research Octane Number
RSC: Roll Stability Control
RSCA: Roll Sensing Curtain Airbag
RTT: Reconfigurable TellTale

SC: Spin Control
SCC: Smart Cruise Control
SCR: Selective Catalytic Reduction
SES: Service Engine Soon
SH-AWD: Super Handling-All Wheel Drive
SRS: Supplemental Restraint System
SUV: Sport Utility Vehicle

TCL: Traction ControL
TCS/TCSS: Traction Control System
TDI: Turbo Direct Injection
TIN: Tire Identification Number
TMK: Tire Mobility Kit
TPM: Tire Pressure Monitor
TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TRAC: Traction Control
TSA: Trailer Stability Assist
TSS: Toyota Safety Sense
TVCC: Torque Vectoring Corner Control

ULEV: Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
UVO: yoUr VOice

V2V: Vehicle-to-Vehicle
VATS: Vehicle Anti-Theft System
VDC: Vehicle Dynamic Control
VDCS: Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems
VDIM: Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management
VESS: Virtual Engine Sound System
VGRS: Variable Gear Ratio Steering
VSA: Vehicle Stability Assist
VSC: Vehicle Stability Control
VSM: Vehicle Stability Management
VSP: approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians

WOT: Wide Open Throttle


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