Why Are All My Windows Down??


Here, we discuss a feature found in cars from a number of manufacturers that catches people with their pants down. Or rather with their windows down. So, this is not about a fault or a system failure or a warning light, but about something working exactly as it is supposed to, but doing so seemingly …

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The Internet Locks Us All in Boxes

Google headline

Here, we step outside our typical automotive box to actually talk about web boxes. There’s nothing at all obvious within that title, so stay with it, or take this opportunity to tune out since we’re going to talk cars only as the subject pertains to us here at DashboardSymbols.com. This is a two part story …

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Yet Another Owner’s Manual and Autonomous Systems Rant

Maserati start

We need to spout yet again about owners manuals, and spend a few minutes on autonomous technology. The manual comes from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Maserati brand. In 2016, we had a Ghibli to assess. It’s owner’s manual was on a DVD. The manual was nearly impossible to use, with no search function, vague chapter titles …

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Recall GM coupes before someone else dies!

Trapped in an XLR

Yet another cringe worthy headline showed up on Twitter recently. A man trapped in his car because the battery was dead. And for 14 hours. Fortunately, the car wasn’t outside in the sun, or the outcome would have been very, very different. This one hits home for us because of another incident several years ago …

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Cadillac Dead Key Fob Help: Part II, Getting Started

Starting Your Cadillac Cadillac vehicles use two of GM‘s three different style keys and many different start procedures or locations. They are all here, and you can find a whole lot of videos here. Here’s the deal: Buckle up, find your model, and if the main start battery is still good, we’ll get you underway. …

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