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This site is optimized for mobile devices and is updated easily and often. For the time being, the Dead Key Fob app below will help with vehicles from 26 manufacturers built prior to 2014. On these web pages, we have updated information on vehicles from 31 manufacturers. Plus, the Dashboard Symbols app holds nearly 100 of the most common symbols while the site now hosts some 250, and climbing!

NEWS FLASH! The Android version of Dead Key Fob app has been updated to include all 31 manufacturers! The Apple version will be available soon!

However, if your service is unreliable while on the move, consider our two Mobile Apps. They were developed to help drivers with the most common questions asked of service departments everywhere: “What is this light on my dashboard?” And “My car says ‘Key Not Detected’. How do I get into and start my push-button start car?” With these two apps, still has your back.

To date, 115,000 total downloads.

Dashboard Symbols AppDead Key FOB App
Dashboard Symbols AppDead Key Fob
What's that light on your dashboard? Can you keep driving? The Dashboard Symbols Mobile App will let you know. It is is a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for translating the hieroglyphics on your instrument panel.

The Dashboard Symbols App is available for Apple and Android products, from smart phones to tablets.

Search "Dashboard Symbols" at your device's store or click the image above...
The Dead Key FOB App is your Back-up Plan, a utility, to get into a push-button start vehicle and underway when the battery in your remote goes flat and "Key Not Detected" is all you see.

The Dead Key FOB App is available for Apple and Android products, from smart phones to tablets.

Search "Dead Key Fob" at your device's store or click the image above...


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Dashboard Symbols App

What is that warning light on your dashboard? Is it safe to keep driving or do you need help? The Dashboard Symbols App is for the majority of drivers who sometimes need to translate the Automotive Hieroglyphics inhabiting your instrument panel. This is your ‘Rosetta Stone’! Drivers are besieged by an ever growing number of …

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Dead Key FOB App

So, you have your key, but your car’s instrument panel says “Key Not Detected”. Or worse, it won’t unlock and you can’t see how to get in! Now what? The Dead Key FOB Mobile App is Back-up Plan, an instruction utility for vehicles from 13 manufacturers built before 2014 to help you get into your push button start car and …

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