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Text Symbols

Here we have listed in alphabetical order Text Symbols. Text Symbols are the same basic size as the Pictorial versions (about 1/2″ long by 1/3″ tall), but they contain whole or abbreviated words or acronyms.

They are presented here in alphabetical order, all 107 of them. Where necessary, additional information can be found by clicking the more here links.

And don’t miss our Picture Symbols page. If there is a pictorial representation in the light that you see, you will find it there by category.

2nd Start Indicator2nd Start Indicator, more here
Two Wheel Drive IndicatorTwo Wheel Drive Indicator, more here
4 Wheel Active Steer Warning Indicator4 Wheel Active Steer (4WAS) Warning Symbol, more here
4_wheel_drive_low_indicator4 Wheel Drive Indicators, more here4x4 High Indicator
4 Wheel Drive Indicator4 Wheel Drive (4WD) Trouble Indicator, more here
ABS Trouble Indicator USAnti-lock Brake System (ABS) Trouble Indicator, U.S., more here
Adaptive Cruise Control IndicatorAdaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Indicator, more here
AFS Off IndicatorAdaptive Front-lighting System (AFS/AFLS) Indicators, more hereAdaptive Front Lighting System Indicator
Air Bag Indicator SymbolAir Bag Indicator Symbol, more here
ANTILOCK Indicator Symbol,ANTILOCK Indicator Symbol, more hereAntilock Warning Indicator
ASL Indicator SymbolAutomatic Speed Limiter (ASL) Indicator symbol, more here
Automatic Transmission Fault IndicatorAutomatic Transmission Trouble Indicator, more here
Transmission Oil Temperature IndicatorAutomatic Transmission (A/T) Oil Temperature Indicator, more hereAuto Transmission Oil Temperature
A/T P Indicator SymbolAutomatic Transmission (A/T) Park Warning Indicator, more here
Automatic Hold IndicatorAuto Brake (B) Hold Indicators, more hereAuto Hold Indicator
Advanced Vehicle Safety ManagementAdvanced Vehicle Safety Management Indicator, more here
All Wheel Drive Trouble IndicatorAll Wheel Drive (AWD) Trouble Indicator, more here
AWD On IndicatorAll Wheel Drive (AWD) On Indicators, more hereAWD-V On Indicator
AWD Lock IndicatorAll Wheel Drive (AWD) Lock Indicator, more here
Brake Assist and Stability Control Fault IndicatorBrake Assist and Stability Control Fault Indicator, more here
Brake Trouble IndicatorBrake Trouble Indicator, more here
BSM Indicator SymbolBlind Spot Monitor (BSM) Indicator, more here
Blind Spot Monitor Off IndicatorBlind Spot Monitor (BSM) Off Indicator, more here
Check Engine TextCheck Engine Light, more here
Check Gas Cap IndicatorCheck Gas Cap Indicator, more here
Check Suspension IndicatorCheck Suspension (CK SUSP) Indicator, more here
Collision Mitigation Brake System IndicatorCollision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) Indicator, more here
Cruise Control IndicatorCruise Control Indicators, more hereAnother Cruise Control IndicatorCruise Control Main Indicator
Continuously Variable Transmission IndicatorContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Indicator, more here
Daytime Running LightsDaytime Running Lights (DRL) Indicator, more here
DSC Off IndicatorDynamic Stability Control (DSC) Off Indicator, more here
DSTC Sport IndicatorDynamic Stability and Traction Control Sport Mode Indicator, more here
Dynamic Traction Control IndicatorDynamic Traction Control (DTC) Indicator, more here
Economy Mode IndicatorEconomy Mode Operation Indicator, more here
Eco Operation Indicator SymbolEconomy (ECO) Operation Indicator Symbol, more here
Intelligent Stop Start IndicatorIntelligent Stop/Start Indicator Symbol, more here
Electronically Controlled Suspension Malfunction IndicatorSuspension Setting and Malfunction Indicators, more here
ECT Power IndicatorElectronically Controlled Transmission or Throttle (ECT) Power Indicator, more here
EML IndicatorElektronische Motorleistungsregelung (EML) Indicator, more here
Engine Start Stop IndicatorEngine Start-Stop Indicators, more hereEngine Start Stop Fault Indicator
Electric Power Brake Warning IndicatorElectric Parking Brake (EPB) Warning Indicator, more here
EPC Indicator SymbolElectronic Power Control (EPC) Indicator Symbol, more here
EPS Indicator SymbolElectric Power Steering (EPS) Indicator Symbol, more here
ESP / BAS IndicatorESP / BAS Trouble Indicator, more here
ETCS IndicatorElectronic Throttle Control System (ETCS) Indicator, more here
EV MODE IndicatorEV (Electric Vehicle) MODE Indicator Symbol, more here
EV Operation Indicator SymbolElectric Vehicle (EV) Operation Indicator Symbol, more here
EyeSight Off Indicator SymbolEyeSight System Malfunction Indicator Symbols, more hereEyeSight Indicator Symbol
Critical Fault IndicatorFault Indicator Symbols, more hereNon-critical Fault Indicator
Forward_Collision Warning IndicatorForward Collision Warning Indicator Symbol, more here
Aff Wheel Drive only Engaged IndicatorAWD Trouble Indicator (FWD only Engaged), more here
Height High IndicatorHeight High Indicator Symbol, more here
Brake Hold Indicator SymbolBrake Hold Indicator Symbol, more here
Hold Operation IndicatorBrake Hold Operation Indicator, more here
IBA Off IndicatorIntelligent Brake Assist (IBA) Off Indicator, more here
Integrated Motor AssistIntegrated Motor Assist (IMA) Indicator Symbol, more here
KDSS IndicatorKinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) Indicator, more here
Intelligent Key WarningKeyless Ignition Key Detection Indicators, more here
Lane Departure Warning IndicatorLane Departure Warning Indicator, more here
Lane Keeping AssistantLane Keeping Assist (LKA) Indicator, more here
Hybrid Battery Trouble IndicatorHybrid Battery Trouble Indicator, more here
Maintenance Required IndicatorMaintenance Required Indicator, more here
Engine Oil level Minimum IndicatorEngine Oil level Minimum Indicator, more here
Night View IndicatorNight View Indicator Symbol, more here
Overdrive Off IndicatorOverdrive (O/D) Off Indicator, more here
Oil Change Indicator SymbolOil Change Indicator, more here
Oil Level IndicatorOil Level Indicator, more here
Passenger Air Bag IndicatorPassenger Air Bag on/off Indicator Symbol, more here
Pre_collision_system_indicatorPre Collission/Crash Safety System (PCS) Indicator, more here
Power Steering Trouble LightPower Steering or Electric Power Steering Trouble Indicator, more here
Power Mode Setting IndicatorPower (PWR) Mode Setting Indicator, more here
Rear Active Steer Fault IndicatorRear Active Steer (RAS) Fault Indicator, more here
Rear Differential Temperature IndicatorRear Differential Temperature Indicator, more here
Ready Mode IndicatorHybrid Ready Indicator, more here
RSCA Off IndicatorRoll Sensing Curtain Airbags (RSCA) Off Indicator, more here
Sport Mode IndicatorSport Mode Indicator, more here
Engine Oil Level SensorEngine Oil Level Sensor Malfunction Indicator, more here
Malfunction IndicatorMalfunction Indicator (Service Engine Soon), more here
Set Indicator (Cruise Control)Set Indicator (Cruise Control), more here
Up Shift IndicatorUp Shift Indicator, more here
Super Handling All Wheel Drive IndicatorSuper Handling All Wheel Drive Trouble Indicator (SH-AWD), more here
Side Airbag Off Text IndicatorSide Airbag Off Indicator Symbol, more here
Slip IndicatorSlip Indicator, more here
Snow Mode IndicatorSnow Mode Indicator, more here
Suspension Setting SymbolSuspension Setting Symbols, more here
SRS Text IndicatorSupplemental Restraint System (SRS) Indicator, more here
Stop Start Ready IndicatorStart/Stop System Function Indicators, more hereStop Start Off Indicator
Starter System Trouble IndicatorStart/Stop System Trouble Indicator, more here
Traction Control System Warning LightTraction Control (TC) System Warning Indicator, more here
Traction Control OffTraction Control System (TCS/TCSS) OFF Indicators, more hereTCSS OFF Indicator
Tow Mode IndicatorTow Mode Indicator, more here
TPMS Malfunction IndicatorTPMS Malfunction Indicator, more here
Trac IndicatorTraction Control Indicator, more here
TRAC OFF IndicatorTraction Control (TRAC) OFF Indicator, more here
VDC Off IndicatorVehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) Off Indicator, more here
VGRS Indicator SymbolVariable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) Indicator, more here
VSA Indicator SymbolVehicle Stability Assist (VSA) Indicator, more here
VSC Off IndicatorVehicle Stability Control (VSC) Off Indicator, more here
VSC TRAC IndicatorVSC TRAC Indicator, more here

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