Automatic Shift Lock / Engine Start Operation Symbols

Shift Lock IndicatorThis is the Automatic Shift Lock (ASL) or an Engine Start Operation Indicator symbol. When the ignition is on, ASL locks the shifter in neutral or park. The symbol of a shoe inside the typical circular brake symbol is a reminder that the brake must be stepped on to release the lock and shift the transmission into drive or reverse.

There are yet more variations used in the industry below …


Engine Start Operation IndicatorUse Brake IndicatorThe symbol of a shoe, boot or foot on or near a pedal is a reminder that the brake must be engaged to start a push button or keyless start car. The image may appear on an instrument panel or on the console near the shifter. With a start push button or keyless start vehicle, the indicator will appear on the instrument panel.

Predictive Efficiency AssistA newer system, Predictive Efficiency Assist, also uses the image of a foot or shoe, but in green. It is NOT associated with shifting the vehicle. Be careful not to confuse the two.



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